Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Maybe it's the cold, or maybe I'm a sleeper operative for an underground race of Purple People Eaters. Whatever the reason, all shades of violet, lilac, aubergine and berry have been sources of inspiration for this Online Vintage post.

Top Left: 80's sheer plum dress from Factory Handbook.
Top Right: Vintage purple eyeglass frame rom Pince Nez Shop.
Bottom Right: Purple loafer flats with ribbon tie from Dance Hall Mirror
Bottom Left: Vintage danish purple glass pendant light from 1001Vintage.

Left: Long sleeved retro purple dress from Gezunt.
Top Right: Vintage purple and brown leather cap boots from Santoki Vintage.
Bottom Right: Purple wool blazer from Chiquita Ninja Vintage.

Top Left: Harebell vintage botanical print from Peony and Thistle Paper.
Right: Vintage tie die purple maxi dress from Santoki Vintage.
Bottom Left: Antique amethyst glass coffin shaped whisky glass from Olde Tyme Notions.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Please prepare yourself for an excessive amount of photos. Dan has made us an amazing piece of furniture, and I'm a little bit in love. Remember this post from a while ago? My fettish for stained plywood rubbed off onto the resident cabinet maker. As we have been skating by with a rather dodge second hand TV cabinet, Dan decided to make us a brand spanker out of ply... and stain it!

This was the TV cabinet in it's raw form. The ply is nice and graphic on all panels, which was fantastic for future staining. The drawer fronts were cut out of one sheet and used consecutively to give the flow you see above. I drool over the 32mm edges that frame the piece. So chunky and textural and prrrrrrr.

Working in the trade, Dan has friends in high places (they work as polishers) so this stain was a team effort. Thank you so much to Scott and Clive, without whom this would have been left to Mr. Colourblind.

All of the hard work for this piece was done whilst I was working away, so I cannot complain that I'm not looked after.

Installation went smoothly. and most of our time was taken up organising our many Grand Designs and David Attenborough DVD collections into the drawers. We have so much storage for this area now, it's fantastic. We'll have to buy more DVD's to fill it up!

I definitely need to find some art for the wall to the right of the TV cabinet now. I've been procrastinating until now, thinking the whole area needed fixing, but art will really lift the space.

This piece of furniture is one we will keep for a very long time, and I have already had visions of it in the next houses to come.

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Thank goodness it's the weekend! How is everyone? This week has seen me wearing a path through the utilitarian, government funded gloom that is the local hospital. My grandmother has not been well. All week I have been aching for a bit of vintage wonder, so to keep us all warm on this winter night, here's some fun:

Top left: Mid Century Enamel Kettle Tea Pot in yellow from Yesterday and 2Day.
Bottom left: Pebble textured Eagle Art from Daily General.

Left: 60's Geometric Peacock Dress from not for profit shop, Dear Gladys.
Top right: Large Vintage Letter D in green from Vintage & Nostalgia Co.

Monday, 2 June 2014


I don't know about you guys but I absolutely love a good dose of op shopping. It's a good way to chill out, forget about work, have a laugh at crazy 80's fashion accidents and score fantastic 50's finds. Second hand shopping is something I like to do during my lunch break at work, on the weekends with my sister, or increasing I look online. With Etsy shops and independent websites becoming extremely well curated, it's hard to go past the computer without seeing what others have found.

It's this love of the preloved, and a lack of available leisure time that has lead me to create my first weekly post series. 10 Vintage Finds will feature each week as an inspiration board and a shopping wish list. The choices of clothing and wares will be of my own choosing, and not sponsored by those selling them. So without further ado, here's my first 10 for you!

Left: Faux Fur Vest/Coat from Etsy shop thriftage

I hope you've liked the first week of 10 Vintage Finds! Perhaps you've found something you like as well? Do you have any favourite online shops that you frequent? Do you run an online shop? If so, let me know! I'd love to check them out.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Now, has anyone else ever used off the shelf shower screens before? What do you think of them? I was really scared about ours, having initially planned to have one made. We found one that was on sale at a retail store called Who Bathroom Warehouse. It was far cheaper than a made-to-order screen, but we couldn't fault the quality. The thought of us fitting highly breakable glass terrified me! Thankfully though, everything went very smoothly. 

We had very strict guidelines for the design of our shower screen. It was amazing that the design happened to be one that was easily purchased. The screen has a fixed panel side, and a door side with its own fixed pannel. Where each panel connects to the wall, it had a movable angle that allowed us to accommodate for our lop sided walls! My biggest fear was that this wouldn't work, but it honestly worked perfectly! Dan had many swearing sessions over how much the walls were out (nearly 30mm on one side) but the design of the screen helped us work with it. 

You know what one of the best feelings was? Having a working toilet! After probably almost a month of having a barely working loo, then no loo at all, one that flushed and just made my day!  

You can see here that we added a timber trim to the top of the tiles. I'm actually yet to seal and paint that, but it does fit in with the rest of the house. I'll paint it white to match the tiles. The rest of the trim in the house is the wall colour, but I like the thought of it being the same white as the architraves, then having the wall colour above. The white would contrast better against the grey tiles too. 

So everything is nice and user friendly now! The drawer fronts and doors are on, but we don't yet have handles. I still have sanding and painting to do. Then there is the mirror which we will get made to fit the entire space behind the vanity, and of course the electrician. At least we can hang our towels up! Might be time for new ones too, now that they have to look as good as the bathroom!


So I'm making Dan look pretty slow here, but in fact it's me being tardy getting these posts to you. He did his work quite some time ago now! I can't wait to show you the vanity he knocked together for our bathroom. I am still excited about it!

It was all put together in the shed. The carcass as one section, the kick board as another. 

The bench top was the most amazing thing in terms of workability. The product is called Laminex Freestyle. It's a composite resin type thing that Dan was able to shape, sand and buff, almost as he would have with a timber top. It looks and feels like a honed stone, but worked so much better for us as it could be made to conform to our odd space.

The reason for the bench top having that narrow end will make more sense with the next picture. Since the vanity was going right next to the shower screen, we had to create a gap between the cupboards and the glass, but also have it supported by the niche wall. 

To achieve this, Dan attached what is called a scribe to the side of the kick and the cupboards. This cross section photo of the kick shows exactly what I mean. The gap between the hob and the cupboard is more than enough for space a narrow vacuum head, mop or hand cloth for cleaning.

Once the kick was installed he could pop the carcass on top. The plumber had previously brought the pipes through the floor so Dan just had to make the holes to suit. Most of the work was in planing down the scribes to be flush against our far from square walls.

I really love this section of our vanity. It's a bit different, creates interesting lines and just a bit more bench space.

The window in our bathroom almost seems like an afterthought sometimes. It's so small and almost in the middle of nowhere. We tried to incorporate it into the new bathroom design by taking the bench top right to the window sill, and the niche wall hard up against its lefthand side. By building tightly around it, we hoped it would look more purposeful than it had.

The architraves got the chop using the multi tool. These tools honestly are fantastic. I don't know where we'd be without ours! We could then push the bench top into place, snuggly between all three walls. Again Dan had to plane the side of the bench top to make it fit. Our walls are so loopy, thanks to the age of our house. 

Then we got super excited! We could put our basin on top! It's actually just a budget friendly buy from Bunnings, but we love it. It's deep, but not too high. It's up off the bench, but easy to clean around. The style of tap we decided on we got from Tradelink. It's actually a kitchen mixer but we really loved the idea of having the tap off to the side. Again, doing things just a bit differently. 

Dan marked the points where we wanted the plumbing to go, then made another mess. For the larger basin hole, he used a hole saw on his drill. For the smaller tap hole, he used a spade bit. 

That bench top was so good to work with! Very messy when cut, but such is life. Dan looked like a snowman one night after doing most of the shaping. All of the bits got stuck to his hair, beard, arms and leg hair. Good look. 

At this point we hadn't received the colour board for the drawers and doors, so that will be next post. Absolutely love it though. What do you think? Any bathroom renovations happening out there? Would love to heard what ideas you've had!